Déjà vu – Working from home in another lockdown

lockdown home office


So here we are again, in another lockdown.

I know not everyone is like me and has enjoyed being able to work from home (I get to be with my dog all day, what’s not to love).  Although, it has not been without its challenges at times.

For many employees, working from home has been difficult to say the least and for so many reasons.  From wifi connections not being able to cope, to sitting at the dining room table for 8 hours a day.  Makeshift offices will soon start to have a knock on affect to our health.  Some pain may already have started to occur.  So, when you are next sitting on your dining room chair at your dining room table, have a think about how your body is feeling, are you experiencing lower back, shoulder or neck pain?

By now I am sure we have all worked out the pros and cons of working at home, i.e. flexibility, saving money on commuting to feeling isolated and missing human contact.

We all need to get used to working from home for the longer term, as it looks like it is here to stay for the foreseeable future.  Now is the time to get a working office set up at home.  Even if that means creating an office space in the corner of a room.  It is time to invest in a home office, for the sake of your health, as you will be spending more time in your home office than in your car, and we don’t seem to have a problem in spending thousands of pounds on a car. So be kind to yourself and get your home office set up right.

If you cannot dedicate a room find a corner with good natural light, as you will definitely feel the benefit of this throughout the winter months.  It is also good for productivity.  Working with natural light around you will help with eyestrain and headaches if you happen to suffer from them.

When you are considering what you will need think about not only a desk and a chair but monitor arms too.  It is important to have your screen(s) at the correct height.  Having your posture correct whilst working is very important.
See our infographic on DSE below.

How to Improve your Home Workspace


So, take the plunge and get in touch with us today.  We can provide you with everything you need to create a comfortable working space that will fit in perfectly with your home décor.


home office working from home desk and chair
- Debbie Wilson

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