Don’t Let Brexit Affect Your Office Plans

With the uncertainty of future business plans after Brexit you can be forgiven for thinking it would be prudent to put on hold your office fit out plans until Brexit has taken place and you can see how the land lies. 

 However, before you make that decision take the time to think about the points below:

  • Do you want your business to be seen as one that takes its future into its own hands and continues to strive forward in the face of adversity? This is the time to turn tumultuous circumstances to your advantage and is not the time to stand still.

Instead of putting your office plans on hold consider Brexit as the opportunity to look at the space you have and how you can make it work more efficiently for your needs. Does your office space really work well for the teams you have and how they work together?

Your company will still need to attract the right staff members to take your company forward into the future. Young professionals are not happy with just a desk, chair and a coffee machine. Millennials want to work where there is a great company culture and where their working environment has a positive impact on morale and wellbeing. This in turn will lead to better productivity for your business. You must continue to grow your business and look forward. And as they say “he who dares, wins”.

During winter, your Vitamin D levels will naturally decrease, so try and get outside or invest in some good lighting that mimics natural daylight.

Have you noticed that office developments have not stopped as a result of Brexit? Companies realise that in order to compete in these unpredictable times they need to invest in great office space.


One day Brexit will be a thing of the past and where will your business be then?


So don’t delay, contact us and let us help you with your office fit-out plans to drive your business forward. 

And, of course, let us know in the comments below what exciting plans you have for your office this year!

Debbie Wilson

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