Let’s settle the debate: Is Hot Desking the Right Choice?


Is having your own desk overrated? 

Today more employees than ever work from home or have to visit different locations, so do they really need their own dedicated space? With this in mind is it any wonder employers are questioning whether they need as much desk space.

Speaking as someone who has had to share a workspace I can say it is definitely not for me, as I like to personalise my space and make it feel like my own, as well as being able to leave multiple pairs of shoes under the desk!!! Also there is the aspect of cleanliness, I’m sure I am not alone in wanting things left where I left them and not to come into work to find my desk space littered with food debris and empty cups. It has also been necessary to have a pack of antibacterial wipes in my draw to wipe down the phone, keyboard and mouse. As much as I have liked my work colleagues I do not want to be catching their colds. My final comment regarding my experience of a shared workspace is, my chair, please do not adjust it!

But there’s a good side of hot desking too!

Having said all of this I can fully appreciate that from an employers point of view there are many benefits:

  • Can boost communication between staff and allow collaboration on projects, minimising the need for so many meetings.
  • Employees can benefit from an increased knowledge and understanding of what others are working on and to better understand company goals.
  • Could be great for training as it will mean that employees of all levels could be sat together, providing on the job training to new members of staff and interns.
  • Employees can choose where they sit, in amongst the hustle and bustle of a busy team or in a quieter area. Some employee’s can be more productive when in new surroundings.
  • Can create more space for breakout spaces instead of desks.
  • cut down on clutter will be inevitable as desks will need to be clear at the end of each day.

So, is hot desking the right choice? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments section.

Debbie Wilson

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