Office Screens Don’t Have to be Boring

Last week I was researching a completely different subject when I stumbled on some photographs of some really individual looking end panels and office screens

 So, I decided to look into it a bit further, thinking that these normally boring objects could bring some interest and art into the office.

End Panels

Are present in the majority of offices, even those with a modern open plan feel. End panels provide great privacy levels and an enclosed under desk area for your employees’.


However, these end panels offer a slightly different feel to the working environment:

Source: Kimball 

Room Dividing Screens


Movable dividing screens allow you to utilise the space you have in a better way, also allowing for flexibility if you want to change the configuration of your office. These screens do not block light but do create defined areas.

Source: Razortooth Design  

Unbelievably these dividers are made from corrugated cardboard, come flatpacked and can be put up simply and configured to suit you. 

You can even have them customised with your own logo or artwork on. 

This divider system is made from 30% recycled post-consumer cardboard, but can also be provided in felt.

Source: Mio Culture

Acoustic Screens


We have all been in environments where the noise levels are high and you can’t hear yourself think. But when this happens in the office environment, it can be disruptive and affect concentration. 

Did you know that the most common complaint by staff is that the noise levels are too high and they believe they would be more productive if they worked in a less noisy environment? So let’s take a look at some decorative options to get the noise levels under control.

Source: Abstracta  

These ranges have certainly inspired me to review the screens we offer to our clients. 

Has it inspired you to take a look at the screens in your office? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


Debbie Wilson

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