Our Guide to Office Desks and How to Choose the Right One

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Our expert guide on choosing the right office desk for you 

So, the school holidays are over and it’s time to well and truly get back into work. Now may well be a good time to start thinking about revamping your office ready for 2019, but what type of desks should you go for?

Firstly, it is a good idea to think about what you need. Ideally we all want clean lines and an organised office, but that means that you need sufficient personal storage, because let’s face it, we all need to put our personal belongings somewhere. So ask yourself the following questions:

  • Will you be expanding in the not too distant future?
  • Do you have enough room for the type of desks you would like?
  • Do you need space-saving desks?
  • What are your desks being used for?
  • What style of desk would be your ideal?
  • How much is your budget?

There are a number of desk options available, so it is useful to understand what they each are.

Height Adjustable

You can adjust this desk to either a sitting or standing position, which is great for your employees wellbeing. It turns out that we were not made to sit for long periods of time, which makes this desk the perfect choice.

Bench Desks

These desks are often smaller than traditional desks and are designed to be configured into rows. This design often allows for any expansion in workforce.

Corner Desks

Can fit neatly into corners and ideal for a spacious office and comes with both curved and straight-edged designs.

Return Desk

Also known as an L-shaped desk, are made up of a main desk and an additional work surface that is perpendicular to the main desk. Great for if you need a large work surface.

A Wave Desk

Wave Desks have a curved front so that the desktop is deeper on one end than the other, allowing for larger equipment and provide extra support for your favoured hand whilst using a mouse. These desks come in either left-handed or right-handed options.

Cluster Desks

These are modular systems that easily fit together. Joining three together can provide you with a collaborative working space ideal for teams.

You should also consider whether your desks need, screens, integrated storage, modesty panels (don’t dismiss this too quickly), or cable trays.

Get in touch and let us help you find the perfect desks for you and your team.

What would the perfect desk look like for you? Let us know in the comment section below.

Debbie Wilson

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