Pedestals or Lockers?

With the rise of flexible working there has also been a rise in the need for locker space.  In most new office fit outs there is a request for lockers and the reason for that is linked intrinsically with flexible working and hot desking.  There is no doubt that with so many people having been forced to work from home during the pandemic it has allowed business owners to look at whether they can cut overhead costs by moving to smaller premises and promoting flexible working on a permanent basis. 

Added to this, offices are now opting for that modern open plan feel, meaning that lockers are not only used for their intended purpose but can also be used to separate open plan areas and be part of the interior scheme.

The removal of a dedicated desk and pedestal means that staff need somewhere to store their gym kit and chocolate biscuits, together with any files they may have.  This also means that it cuts down on the amount of clutter normally seen on a dedicated desk, thus creating those clean lines the architects and interior designers had in mind when doing the design. 

Hotbox have a carry storage solution that allows staff to move their belongings and files easily from lockers to desks.

Personally, I am completely divided on this, there is no doubt about it I prefer to have my own dedicated space.  I find with hot desking the irritation of constantly needing to clean the equipment and desk, together with the annoyance of having to get the chair perfectly set up right every time I’m in the office, is a hassle I can do without.  Having said that, I am a fan of clean lines and no clutter.  And I’m definitely a fan of the saying `a tidy desk is a tidy mind’, I simply can’t focus if there is mess around me (much to my husband and daughter’s annoyance!!!).

Pedestals don’t have to be a thing of the past, take a look at the ones below, I love the design of these which come in 10 different colours by Magis:

Magis Pedestal

We have a fantastic range of both pedestals and lockers, so get in touch and let us help you find the perfect ones for your office.

Debbie Wilson

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