Your Business Needs a ‘Company Culture’. Start building it today!


What does make a company a great company?

You may think that employees just need a deskchair, pc and kitchen to make them happy, but think again.

More and more employees are seeking work within organisations with a great company culture and that goes for customers too. Customers also want to work with companies with a good culture and this could well differentiate you to the competition.

So how can you simply improve your culture?

Promoting a healthy work culture and environment (such as a breakout room and acoustic improvement elements) is vital and contributes to productivity and creativity. You want your staff to enjoy coming to work, not only because they like the work they do but because they have a good relationship with co-workers and thrive on the atmosphere in the workplace.

Here are our surprisingly powerful top tips to build a winning company culture:

  • Remove hierarchies – Employees want to feel like they work in a team not for someone. Hierarchies create a feeling of ‘them’ and ‘us’ and creates an atmosphere amongst your staff. Don’t agree with me? Ask them.
  • Managers should set the tone – If you would like your employees to work as a team then you and your management should be leading by example and ensure that you all work together and not on their own agenda’s. Believe me this is important to employees, we all know that some managers say the right thing, but do something quite different!
  • Trust – Your staff were hired because they were the best at what they do so trust them to do their job and make the right decisions. Micro managing is not necessary.
  • Practice Flexibility – If your employees have a well-balanced life they are more motivated and happier. Don’t make it difficult for them to change their hours for a week or two or for them to step out of the office for a couple of hours to go to the school sports day. Create an approachable and flexible atmosphere. After all we are all adults.
  • Congratulate your staff on milestones and achievements – Your staff want to feel appreciated and that the work that they do is valued. This may sound simple but it is quite often overlooked.
  • Attract the right talent – Good workers with enthusiasm and talent want to work for top companies, so establish your credibility to attract the best candidates that will fit with the rest of your team.

So take a good look at your team and see if you have your office culture right.

Do you have any other tips to improving workplace company culture? Add them into the comments below.

Debbie Wilson

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