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As we have seen in my previous blog ‘Art in the Workplace’, art should definitely have a place in your office.  But as well as having artwork on your walls it is well worth introducing art therapy sessions in some form to your employees.  Art therapy has many benefits to your employees, in todays’ society […]

Art in the Workplace


Whilst researching for this blog I have realised that art in the workplace can be used in two ways.  Actual artwork that is displayed and art therapy. Both hold value to employees.  In this blog we look at the benefits of displaying art in the workplace. Firstly, lets look at some very compelling reasons to […]

Pedestals or Lockers?

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With the rise of flexible working there has also been a rise in the need for locker space.  In most new office fit outs there is a request for lockers and the reason for that is linked intrinsically with flexible working and hot desking.  There is no doubt that with so many people having been […]

Office Lighting in the Spotlight

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If you are like me and have never given much thought to office lighting, other than observing a nice light fitting or moaning that you cannot see what you are trying to read (or maybe it’s just my eyesight) you may want to think again.  Whilst researching this subject I have realised there is a […]

The Importance of Colour Psychology in the Office

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So, you have decided to revamp your office and have selected the company who is going to assist you with the supply of furniture. You have discussed your requirements with them and they have put forward their suggestions to fit your needs. However, have they discussed colour psychology for your office and the importance colour […]

Garden Office Space Guide

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Further to my previous blog ‘Déjà vu – Working from home in another lockdown’, I thought I would write something about what is fast becoming the new office – The Garden Office. As it looks like we will be working from home for the foreseeable future, now is the time to add a permanent office […]

Déjà vu – Working from home in another lockdown

lockdown home office

For many employees, working from home has been difficult to say the least and for so many reasons. Makeshift offices will soon start to have a knock on affect to our health.  Some pain may already have started to occur.  So, when you are next sitting on your dining room chair at your dining room table, have a think about how your body is feeling, are you experiencing lower back, shoulder or neck pain?

Working In An Open Plan Office – How to make it work for you

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As a DSE Assessor, the most common complaint I hear is to do with noise levels in open plan offices.  Research has shown that productivity can drop by 66% as a result of unwanted noise. Having less physical barriers in an open plan office does encourage communication, however, this can also make employees feel interrupted, distracted and […]

Do you have the required office space for your staff?

office space guidelines UK

Now, you may think that as long as each member of your staff has a desk, chair and space around their desk, that is sufficient. However, the reality is that the UK standards guide says that an average of 5 square metres or 11 cubic metres is the minimum space required per person.  When looking […]

Office Screens Don’t Have to be Boring

abstracta aircone acoustic screen for offices

Last week I was researching a completely different subject when I stumbled on some photographs of some really individual looking end panels and office screens.   So, I decided to look into it a bit further, thinking that these normally boring objects could bring some interest and art into the office. End Panels Are present in the […]