Déjà vu – Working from home in another lockdown

lockdown home office

For many employees, working from home has been difficult to say the least and for so many reasons. Makeshift offices will soon start to have a knock on affect to our health.  Some pain may already have started to occur.  So, when you are next sitting on your dining room chair at your dining room table, have a think about how your body is feeling, are you experiencing lower back, shoulder or neck pain?

Your Business Needs a ‘Company Culture’. Start building it today!

Company Culture

  What does make a company a great company? You may think that employees just need a desk, chair, pc and kitchen to make them happy, but think again. More and more employees are seeking work within organisations with a great company culture and that goes for customers too. Customers also want to work with companies with […]

New trend: Why You Need a Breakout Space in Your Office

Breakout Space 8

Do you think you need a breakout space at the office?  If your answer is yes, you should know that you’re not the only one! Here are just a few benefits of breakout spaces at work:  A relaxing area to spend your breaks The way we now work can often mean that we spend far […]

Let’s settle the debate: Is Hot Desking the Right Choice?

Is Hot Desking the Right Choice

Is having your own desk overrated?  Today more employees than ever work from home or have to visit different locations, so do they really need their own dedicated space? With this in mind is it any wonder employers are questioning whether they need as much desk space. Speaking as someone who has had to share […]

Standing Desk? You Decide!

Standing at Desk Photo

Are standing desks the latest trend in office furniture? Are office ergonomics really that important? Let’s look at the facts and you can decide for yourself. Standing desks: keeping up with office furniture trends The average office worker works for 8 hours a day and remain in full time employment for an average of 50 […]