Garden Office Space Guide

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Further to my previous blog ‘Déjà vu – Working from home in another lockdown’, I thought I would write something about what is fast becoming the new office – The Garden Office. As it looks like we will be working from home for the foreseeable future, now is the time to add a permanent office […]

Déjà vu – Working from home in another lockdown

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For many employees, working from home has been difficult to say the least and for so many reasons. Makeshift offices will soon start to have a knock on affect to our health.  Some pain may already have started to occur.  So, when you are next sitting on your dining room chair at your dining room table, have a think about how your body is feeling, are you experiencing lower back, shoulder or neck pain?

Working In An Open Plan Office – How to make it work for you

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As a DSE Assessor, the most common complaint I hear is to do with noise levels in open plan offices.  Research has shown that productivity can drop by 66% as a result of unwanted noise. Having less physical barriers in an open plan office does encourage communication, however, this can also make employees feel interrupted, distracted and […]

Do you have the required office space for your staff?

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Now, you may think that as long as each member of your staff has a desk, chair and space around their desk, that is sufficient. However, the reality is that the UK standards guide says that an average of 5 square metres or 11 cubic metres is the minimum space required per person.  When looking […]

Office Screens Don’t Have to be Boring

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Last week I was researching a completely different subject when I stumbled on some photographs of some really individual looking end panels and office screens.   So, I decided to look into it a bit further, thinking that these normally boring objects could bring some interest and art into the office. End Panels Are present in the […]

How to have a Greener Work Space – Part 2

Living Wall

Biophilic Design   It is not until very recently that I have learnt of Biophilic Design.  What is it, I hear you ask!!!  Well the term Biophilia means our tendency to instinctively seek a connection with nature. Biophilic Design reconnects us to nature by bringing a more natural environment to us. Today our lives are mostly […]

How to have a Greener Work Space

How to make your workspace greener futurefile ltd

With today’s headlines focusing our attention on the environment and being more eco-friendly, it is time to look at our workspaces and do what we can to make them more environmentally friendly. As I write this blog, part of the news is taken up by the fact that we are in danger of losing vast amounts […]

Don’t Let Brexit Affect Your Office Plans


With the uncertainty of future business plans after Brexit you can be forgiven for thinking it would be prudent to put on hold your office fit out plans until Brexit has taken place and you can see how the land lies.   However, before you make that decision take the time to think about the points […]

How to Beat Office Winter Blues

Office furniture Colchester how to beat office winter blues

Happy New Year Everyone, Now that the fun and festivities are over and we have all eaten and drank far too much, it is time to get on with dreary January. The majority of us will be waking up in the dark and leaving the office in the dark, the weather is miserable outside and […]

Proud to have worked with The RAF Club

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When we were asked by Paul Murphy Architects and Gary Hornby Project Management whether we would like to assist in providing a wide range of furniture for the new extension to The RAF Club,  which was to be opened by the Queen, we jumped at the chance. This opportunity was of particular personal interest to us as my grandfather, John […]